HY1202 Deep-Sea Surface Velocity Profiler
  • Accurate & reliable sound velocity measurement adopting “Time of Flight” Technology;

  • Corrosion and pressure resistant compact 316 stainless steel housing;

  • Mechanical design for easy cleaning, optimal flow and flexible integration;

  • Direct path ultrasonic echosounding with 2MHz transducer element

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Ms. Jing Chai
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The HY1202 is a series of sound velocity profilers ideally suited for real-time sound velocity measurement in shallow and deep waters down to 1,1000 water depth. The HY1202 often serves for depth correction of SBE, beam-angle correction of MBE and sound ray curvature correction. Besides fixed installation on survey vessels, the HY1202 deep-sea SVP can also be integrated in autonomous navigation platforms such as submarines, AUVs and ROVs to complete special tasks.


HY1202 SVP adopts “Time of Flight”technology and improves the accuracy to 0.05 m/s, which reaches to world-leading level. It is connected to MBE or other instruments via cables, which achieves power supply and RS232 data communication.

Contact Us:

Overseas Sales Manager:

Ms. Jing Chai
+86 15895347296

Sound Velocity

•     Range:1400m/s~1700m/s

•     Accuracy:0.05m/s at 50m depth

                        0.2m/s at 3000-11000m depth

•     Resolution: 0.001m/s

•     Depth rating:50m,3000m,6000m,11000m

I/O Interfaces

•     Connector:MCBH6M (316 stainless steel)

•     Output:Standard RS232 serial port

•     Baud rate:9600-115200

•     Output Formats:Universal programmable ASCII, Valeport, AML, NMEA and others


•     Supply:12VDC(7VDC-20VDC)

•     Power: 0.5W typical, 1W maximum


•     Cable length:15m watertight cable (standard configuration)

•        Dimension:190mm×φ39mm (shallow water), 230mm×φ55mm (deep water)

•     Weight: 450g in air(excel. cable)

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