HY1203 Sound Velocity Profiler
  • Accurate & reliable sound velocity measurement adopting “Time of Flight” technology

  • Accurate & reliable depth and temperature measurement

  • Depth triggering for data recording

  • Display of sound velocity and temperature profile curve 

  • Direct calibration using average sound velocity curve 

  • Regular calibration and checking in the factory available 

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Ms. Jing Chai
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The HY1203 SVP measures underwater sound velocity, depth and temperature where the sensor is for calibrating echosounders, sonar systems and other acoustic instruments. It adopts “Time of Flight” technology and improves the accuracy to 0.05 m/s, which reaches to world-leading level. It is extensively used in the field of hydrography, geophysical exploration, defense and security, scientific research, etc. The HY1203 is a more accurate SVP with faster data transmission rate and larger capacity of storage.

Contact Us:

Overseas Sales Manager:

Ms. Jing Chai
+86 15895347296

Sound Velocity

     Range: 1400~1600 m/s

     Accuracy: 0.05 m/s

     Resolution: 0.001 m/s


     Range: 0~200m typical

     Accuracy: 0.2m

     Resolution: 0.01m


     Range: 0~40°C

     Accuracy: 0.02°C

     Resolution: 0.001°C

I/O Interfaces

     Connector: MCBH6M (316 stainless steel)

     Output: RS232 serial port

     Baud: 115200

     Capacity of records: Up to 100 files1 million sets of data


     Supply: Large capacity battery

     Power: 0.7 W


     Cable length: 1.5m communication cable

     Dimension: 380 mm (L)×53 mm (D)

     Weight: 1.35 kg in air (W/O cable)

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