HY1600 Precise Echosounder
  • ŸAdjustable pulse width, power, sensitivity and TVG

  • ŸDigital signal processing and underwater automatic tracking technologies

  • ŸOptional intergated DGPS, PCs and heave compensators and other peripheral devices

  • ŸAutomatic marking: annotation of number, time, GPS coordinates and heave value

  • ŸSelf-checking, power off memory

  • ŸAuto scale change, thermal recording and LCD display

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Ms. Jing Chai
+86 15895347296

The HY1600 is a portable, precision echosounder for surveying in inland water, rivers, coastal areas and reservoir. With the technologies of analog recording, advance digital signal processing and water bottom tracking integrated, accurate and reliable bathymetric data can be acquired even if surveying in the rugged condition. The HY1600 echosounder is an indispensable instrument applied to the fields of hydrography, exploration, waterway and wharf dredging, etc.  

Contact Us:

Overseas Sales Manager:

Ms. Jing Chai
+86 15895347296

  • Frequency: 208 kHz

  • Survey range: 0.3 m-300 m

  • Accuracy: 0.1%

  • Resolution: 1 cm

  • Output power: 100 W

  • Power Requirement: 10 VDC - 25 VDC

  • Recording: 8.5''/216mm Thermal printer and LCD display

  • Chart speed: auto/1-20cm/min adjustable

  • Data Output: 2 ports via RS232/485

  • Phasing: Manual/Auto Scale Change

  • Weight: 9.8kg

  • Miscellaneous: AGC/TVG, Auto-mark, Draft/velocity/Blanking adjustable

  • Dimension: 460 mm×360mm×190 mm (recorder), 

  •    Φ80 mm×26 mm (transducer), 10m length cable (adjustable), 3×0.7m (supporting tube)

  • Weight: 12 kg (recorder), 1.5kg (transducer), 5kg (supporting tube)

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